St. John's Church: The Parish Register, Historical Events [p.432]


TitleSt. John's Church: The Parish Register, Historical Events [p.432]
ItemSt. John's Church: The Parish Register, Historical Events [p.432]
NamesFlags by the Prifogles: the credence shelf by one of the Confirmation Classes: a silver paten by another confirmation class. There were added improvements in the basement, as refurnishing the kitchen: covering the floor with tile and the like. The congregation has always met it’s quotas in the appeals of the Synod. When Lutherwald was started as a youth camp the Brotherhood subscribed $1,000.00 to the purchase and maintaince of the camp over a ten year period. A payment of $100.00 a year is sent to the Lutherwald Board. Birthday gifts have been sent regularly to newly organized missions in the Synod. The congregation was among the first in Synod to place subscriptions for the Lutheran in its budget for the families of the Church. It is with much delight that the benevolent spirit can be pointed out. St. John’s people ranks among the top of those congregations in Synod which meets its apportionment. In 1965 the congregation paid 123 percent of its quota. Previous years reveal the same benevolent giving. It is to the honor of the congregation that Synod looks upon St. John’s Church as one of the leaders in the matter of benevolence. It should also be noted that the attendance in church worship, with few exceptions, has always exceeded the attendance in Sunday School. The emphasis upon family worship in God’s House has been one of the main undertakings during the past seventeen years. The members were reminded again and again that Christ left His Word and His Sacraments to the Church. These are His Means for bringing souls into the Kingdom. Another matter to be noted is that no commercial schemes nor plans have been used in raising funds for the support of the work. The stress upon Scriptural methods of giving has been practiced through the years. This record will bear out that God’s plan is the only way to support the work of His Church. Perhaps, there are many other things which could have been mentioned but since our interest is in the past seventeen years of the congregation history we summarize thus: As of January 1, 1939 – Baptized Mems. 159 – Conf Mems. 117 – Com. Members 100 “ “ April 1, 1956 - “ “ 475 - “ “ 316 - “ “ 199 The benevolence increased from $324.00 in 1939 to $4,412.00 as of Jan 1, 1956. In the treasuries of the congregation as of April 1, 1956 the following balances are shown: current fund $4,116.56: in the building fund $206.12: in the Sunday School fund $900.41. These are figures and facts but of far greater concern is the spiritual growth of the members of any congregation. Unless there is growth in grace, those who build – build in vain. In the period of the congregation’s history God has been favorable to the congregation – as the future un- [uncoils] may the Holy Spirit ever lead it forward in Christ. The Reverend Otto H. Friedmann who served during these years presented his resignation to the Council on April 5, 1956 to become effective on May 1, 1956 in order to accept a call to Trinity Lutheran Church in Mansfield Ohio.
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