St. John's Church: The Parish Register, Historical Events [p.431]


TitleSt. John's Church: The Parish Register, Historical Events [p.431]
ItemSt. John's Church: The Parish Register, Historical Events [p.431]
NamesOn December 4, 1944 word was received from the Extension Department of the Board of American Missions that a loan of $6,300.00 would be granted to liquidate the first mortgage whereupon the American Board would assume a first mortgage of $8,000.00 against the congregation. The loan was to be amortized over a ten year term at the rate of $800.00 a year plus the interest at 2 percent. In the first year a payment of $3,000.00 was made to the Board: in 1946 a payment of $2,000.00 was made: “Let’s Liquidate Before ‘48” became the slogan for the final payment of $3,000.00 to the American Board. In November of 1948 a “mortgage burning” service was conducted, thus ten years after the church edifice had been dedicated – it was entirely free of debt. In December of 1946 a parsonage was purchased at 934 East Mulberry street from Mr. & Mrs. Lee Whitehead for $7,500.00. Since the owners were members of the congregation the purchase price represented a reduction of $1,000.00 on the part of Mr. and Mrs. Whitehead. The members of the council signed personal notes for $2,000.00 from a local bank; this with the $500.00 which was on hand made it possible to secure a finance loan of $5,000.00 from a local company. The payments were to be $50.00 per month. After two years the personal notes were liquidated. In the Fall of 1951 the entire loan was liquidated on the parsonage. In the spring of 1948, Mr. & Mrs. Ledger Shank gave the Neon Bulletin Board to the congregation in memory of Dr. Lauton Shank who lost his life during the war. In November 1948, an M. P. Mueler Pipe Organ was presented to the congregation by Mrs. Matilda Obermeyer in memory of her husband, Henry Obermeyer who passed away in May 1942. The instrument is regarded as one of the best of its kind available. Permission has been made for the addition of another stop. In December of 1948 the congregation expressed its appreciation for the leadership of the pastor by presenting him with a new Chevrolet Sedan. In the Spring of 1949 the first of several D. P. families arrived. Several more families were sponsored by the members. Also is 1949, Mrs. Forest Addington presented to the congregation in memory of her husband two sets, green and violet, paraments. A set of white paraments were given to the congregation by Mrs. Luff of Floyd’s Knob, Indiana in memory of her sister, Mrs. Maggie Obermeyer and her husband, Charles Obermeyer. The dedication service took place on Easter Sunday, 1954. In June, 1949, an ordination service was conducted for Jack Glidewell. Jack is the first son of the congregation to enter the Gospel ministry. In 1950 a pair of brass offering plates were given to the congregation by Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Krofft in honor of Mrs. Kroffts father. In the Spring of 1950 it was decided to redecorate the church. Instead of painting the interior wall board was removed and replaced by new. The original board had served for 13 years. The cost of the redecorating was $1,000.00. In 1951 a pair of brass altar vases were presented to the congregation by Mrs. Lorena Plotner in memory of her husband, Elbert Plotner: the Bergman family gave a lectern Bible in memory of Dorothea in July of 1951. There were other gifts to the congregation from time to time such as a set of
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