Leiter's Local History: Kokomo Legend p.01


TitleLeiter's Local History: Kokomo Legend p.01
ItemLeiter's Local History: Kokomo Legend p.01
NamesKokomo Legend by Carl Leiter [appeared 28 Feb 1965 in Kokomo Morning Times] Chief Kokomo; Miamis; Kokomo; Three Feathers, Four Roses; Peru Miamis; Wildcat Creek; "Black Walnut," "She-Bear," "The Diver"; Peru; "Old Woman"; David Foster; James Fennimore Cooper; Uncle Dave; "Koh-Koh-maw"; Judge Long, "Old Specks"; Kentucky; Patrick Henry; Pioneer Cemetery behind Kautz Field; Union Street to Washington Street on the north bank of Wildcat; Superior Street; Unknown Soldier; "Keats sawmill"; Buckeye Street; Dr. Corydon Richmond [Kokomo Legend, including sketch of Chief Kokomo, continues on p.02]
Date Original1965-02-28
Date Digital2011-09-07
Subject(s)Newspapers; Newspaper Articles
CreatorCarl Leiter
SourceGenealogy & Local History Department
PublisherKokomo Morning Times
ContributorsKokomo-Howard County Public Library [KHCPL]
RelationScanned from the original article at KHCPL 2011
CollectionLocal History by Carl Leiter
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