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Howard County Health Department - Vital Records Division


Birth and death records are rather sketchy during the period of 1875 to 1920, but there is an alphabetical index for those years. For events occurring after 1920, the records are recorded by date of birth and date of death, so you must have a one-year span for searching purposes.


Please visit the health department’s website, or call ahead for business hours and information on fees: 765.456.2400.


Howard County Clerk’s Office - MARRIAGE RECORDS & COURT RECORDS


Marriage licenses and divorce decrees in Indiana are available from the clerks of the Circuit Court in the county where the license was issued or the divorce granted. The clerk in Howard County authorized some Marriage Records books to be digitized by GSU; marriage records from 1844 through 1916 are now available on this website for viewing. Scroll across Collections on the upper menu bar and click on Marriage Records. Then select a set of images to view by clicking on the title of the "Marriage Record Book" depending on the years you are researching. Over 16,000 pages of images are now posted, and the as the project continues, more years will be added.


Most Marriage Record Books will have an index . . . click on those titles to view the actual index to determine the page number for locating the primary records. Our hope is that the clerk's penmanship in those early years is clear and readable today, as it was then!


Court Record books have been microfilmed, and the microfilm is available for viewing in the Genealogy & Local History Department at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library. 

Indexing has just begun on this project; some indexes are now available on this website and may speed your search before reviewing the microfilm. Scroll across Collections on the upper menu bar and click on Court Records. A list is available from that web page giving the title of each Court Record book on microfilm, and the years each book covers.

The clerk’s official record files which give greater details are in various locations due to the magnitude of files.


Additional Indiana Marriages: 1749-1850 & 1958-2012


The Indiana State Library has an electronic marriage index that includes 1749 - 1850, for counties where marriage records existed. 

The Indiana State Library has a second electronic marriage index for 1958 - 2012 and contains public records compiled and provided to the Indiana State Library by the Indiana Department of Health.


Note to Researchers


It is recommended that genealogists consult the WPA indexes for births, marriages, and deaths though 1920, and note the book and page number of the record they are seeking, before visiting the Health Department or Clerk’s Office. The WPA index books are available in the Genealogy & Local History Department at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library.


Additional Information


Birth and death certificates in Indiana are kept by the health officer in each county where the event occurred.


Although Howard County was organized in 1844, the first recorded death was August 4, 1875, and the first recorded birth in Howard County was on October 7, 1875.


After the Indiana State Board of Health began functioning in 1882, all counties were directed to gather vital statistics. The early death records of Howard County reveal tuberculosis (consumption), typhoid, and dysentery claimed the lives of many adults, while diphtheria and cholera infantum claimed the lives of many infants.


General information provided by Howard County Vital Records Division brochure.




Death Mortality Schedules 


 For the census years 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880, records were kept for people who died in the year prior to the census being taken. These records usually have the deceased person's name, age, sex, race, occupation, month of death, cause of death, and sometimes other details.