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Marriage Record

Howard County, Indiana began recording marriages in 1844 and the marriage records are in the process of being added to this site. Click here to view digital images of the VERY FIRST recorded marriages in what was then called Richardville. In the early 1900s, the Marriage Record Books contained Marriage Applications and Marriage Licenses.

Use the table below to navigate to the Marriage Record Books. Click on the date you are researching and then review the alphabetical index of names for that particular book . . . view the digital image of the index to determine the page number within that book for locating the primary records. Use the back arrow to return to the list of pages in the book, and then click on the actual page number to view the primary record's image.

Our hope is that the clerk's penmanship in those early years is clear and readable today, as it was then!


In addition, the Indiana State Library has an electronic marriage index that includes records as early as 1749 through 1850, for counties where marriage records existed. The Indiana State Library has a second electronic marriage index for 1958 through 2012 and contains public records compiled and provided by the Indiana Department of Health. 


Available Marriage Records