LAST TAPS: Civil War Soldier Obituaries
Published in Howard County, Indiana, Area Newspapers


Last Taps“Last Taps are sounded for a good soldier,” reads the obituary of another fallen comrade. One by one the civil war soldiers received their final summons and they answered “Last Taps.” They came from all walks of life, from the ordinary farmers and laborers to the more noted lawyers, doctors, and politicians. Their ranks ranged from private to Kokomo’s only general, Thomas J. Harrison. Many of the soldiers were pioneers or sons of pioneer settlers of Howard County, which was formed only seventeen years before the outbreak of the Civil War. Presented in this collection are many of their life stories and final tributes, some are very lengthy and wordy while others are comprised of a mere sentence or two. Some soldiers were very proud of their service and their obituaries tell of their military experiences while others could only be identified as soldiers by other sources.”


Kent A. Smith compiled and published his book LAST TAPS: Civil War Soldier Obituaries Published in Howard County, Indiana, Area Newspapers in 2005.


Kent continues to collect Civil War soldier obituaries, and in 2011, he gave permission for the individual obituaries, from the book, and some newly collected obituaries, to be added to the Howard County Memory Project as we remember the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.


As you browse this collection, you will notice that the individual obituaries are in alphabetical order by each soldier’s last name.  CLICK HERE to view the collection.


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WWII ThumbAdditional links to aid in researching military genealogy and history can be found on the
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Last Taps

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