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The Genealogy & Local History Department in the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library has many Howard County, Indiana high school yearbooks in the collection. Also on the shelves are reunion booklets with various post-graduation information distributed at high school reunions . . . and these have been sources for a graduation list or “Grad List” index originally compiled by former library employee Deb Beheler, and continued by current staff.


Grad ListThe Grad List Index is a tool designed to be helpful when trying to locate information about a person who might have graduated from a local high school in Howard County, Indiana. When you open the digital index, alphabetically by an individual’s last name, you will find a simple table consisting of four columns: last name, first name, school from which the student graduated, and year of graduation.

Please be aware that the information is not verified by the schools, merely gleaned from the yearbooks and reunion books available at the library. Some student’s names may be included, and yet failed to make the grade and may not have actually graduated, some names may have been inadvertently excluded, some names may be misspelled--either from the original document, or in our handling of records, and some females are recorded under their married name--especially if it was derived from a reunion booklet rather than the actual yearbook. Some schools, depending on the year, didn’t produce a yearbook, and for others, the library may not own an original copy.


Therefore, use the Grad List Index as simply a tool to help in your genealogy or local history research, knowing that it is not a primary record and should not stand alone as source, but rather point one in the possible direction for more research.


Once you have a lead to follow, try searching our digital yearbook collection -- the best way to search an entire yearbook is to enter the title of the yearbook and the year of the yearbook: for example, by entering PANORAMA 1975 in the search box, all the entries for the Northwestern High School Panorama 1975 would load for viewing. If you don’t know the name of the yearbook, click on our listing of available yearbooks for help.


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To search for a specific yearbook, type in the name of the yearbook followed by the year in the search box on this page.
For example, if you want to find the yearbook for Northwestern's class of 1975, type in PANORAMA 1975 and then click on the search button.



Names of people are also searchable, but please be aware that misspelling of names is very common in yearbooks, as well as typeos. Also consider searching for a person by their first inital and last name which was used in some yearbooks to save space, or try searching by the person's nickname.