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September News and Updates   

      September is a great time for reorganization and starting anew!   Since I spent all of August either on vacation or entering data for the Carl Leiter collection, I am anxious to move on to new projects.  Once again those projects will be related to converting our old collections to the new software.  I will, however, try to squeeze in a new yearbook or two in the process.  Here are some teasers for the Carl Leiter collection.  It should whet your appetite to read his fascinating Local History:

1.  Name one local gunsmith who  performed a vital role in our county's city's early history? (See Leiter - Centennial Edition, Article 12)

2.  Which of our parks was formerly known as "Smith Bottoms?" (See Leiter - From Out of the Past, January 23, 1965)

3.  How did Russiaville get it's name?  (See Leiter - Kokomo Tribune Articles, August 11, 1956)

4. Which Howard County citizen was the first volunteer to go to the Civil War? (See Leiter - Kokomo Tribune Articles, July 17, 1961)

5.  Out of 3000 doctors in the COUNTRY in 1775, how many actually held medical degrees? (See Leiter - Bicentennial Almanac, July 27, 1775)

Answers:  1) T.J.Long or Elisha Chandler; 2) Foster Park; 3) Miami Chief J.B. Richardville; 4) William R. Philips; 5) 200

       Here's what's new on the HCMP:     

  •  By the end of September, ALL the Carl Leiter Local History collections  should be converted to the new software.  Unfortunately, we are having technical issues with publishing them to their home page.   For now, you can click on the links above to go through the "back door" and check them out! Find the answers in the Carl Leiter History collection, or keep checking back to this home page.  I will post the answers sometime in September!

 ~The Howard County Memory Project website was established in 2002 and focused on local high school yearbooks. Within this site today, you will find multiple databases and digitized items especially for genealogy and local history researchers. We continue to add items of interest and we hope you will check back often as this site continues to grow.

Genealogy & Local History Services

at the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library

220 N. Union St.
Kokomo, IN 46901



Monday: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Tuesday-Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday: CLOSED


For more information on any of these events, please contact Amy Russell at 765.626.0838 or arussell@KHCPL.org     

  • Intermediate Genealogy Class - "Scaling Your Brick Walls"  Wednesdays, Sept. 3 - Oct. 8 at KHCPL Main.
    • 6:00 - 8:00 P.M. for six weeks
    • Cost is $25 for binder and handouts
    • Registration for class begins August
  • Silent Auction - October 1-31 the GHLD will be holding another "Silent Auction" of duplicate or superseded genealogical and historical materials.  Starting October 1 you can check out our website for a listing of items.  Come bid! 
  • DAR Workshop - Saturday, October 4 from 10:00 -  noon in the GHLD. 
  • HCGS meeting MONDAY, October 6, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at KHCPL Main.
    • Program by Jon Zeck will be held after the business meeting.